CHARLES OLIVER was the founder and creative director of his own production company for eight years before he sold the company in order to focus on his feature film career. He comes from an extensive background in theatre and film and has been directing for over fifteen years. He has directed regional and national television campaigns which have won multiple Addy awards as well as a national Golden Spike award. He is the writer/director of the award-winning film, TAKE which received more than 11 awards at film festivals across the world before it hit theaters. He has directed episodes from three season of The LXD, a short-form series for Paramount Pictures, and a Justin Bieber’s music video. His 3D short films has played in thousands of theaters across the country. He is currently developing various feature-film projects. Charles is from Ojai, California where he lives with his wife, four children, and entirely too many animals.


“Dynamic action sequences and intense performances mark Oliver as a director to watch. Somewhat in the manner of Steven Soderbergh and Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu's temporal juggling, Oliver navigates the four blocks freely, sometimes intercutting rhythmically to increase suspense, association or contrast, sometimes letting scenes unfold in unhurried fullness.” - VARIETY

“Stylistically as well as thematically complex, Charles Oliver's ambitious debut feature is grueling, hard-to-take drama that is well worth the viewer's effort.” - HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

“Writer-director Charles Oliver, making a remarkable feature-film debut, follows his characters over the course of two separate days...highlighting their emotional rather than chronological journeys. Otherwise, he stays out of the way, using a spare visual style and keeping our attention focused on the story, the characters, and the award-worthy performances.” -

“Oliver is a name to look out for.” - EYE FOR FILM

“TAKE is one of those films that won't leave you alone - three days since I've seen it and I can't get it out of my head, my heart, or my vast admiration for its writer-director, Charles Oliver. His unexpected structure is a lesson for all young screenwriters, the secret left for discovery by its characters - not used as a sting against us. This loving, terrifying film is worth  your nightmares.” - STEWART STERN, Writer (Rebel Without A Cause, Rachel Rachel)'